Serenity Interior Design Project

One of my past clients referred me to these homeowners, and during our initial consultation, I observed that their entire home was very traditional in styling, which is not a style I use often in my designs. I let them know that would not be a vision I had and after seeing some of my other projects, they decided they were open to a style that was a bit more transitional and wanted to work with me to achieve that. I believe a master bedroom and bathroom should be a retreat from the rest of the world, which is exactly what this couple wanted. Bright, open, airy, and colorful during the day, and the ability to shut out the world at night to rest and recharge. I wanted to give them the best of both worlds while creating a style that was timeless and not frozen in a particular time or specific style that would date itself quickly. They wanted to keep all the main pieces of their bedroom furniture but were open to additional accessories in that space and a complete remodel and redesign of their master bathroom. I love the overall simplicity of the design along with the pops of color that bring a smile to your face when you enter the rooms. They said that the spaces bring them great joy and they are extremely happy with the results.

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